About Us

Carolina Business Equipment, Inc. (CBE) has been providing business solutions since 1975, and we have been at the forefront of the ever-changing technology landscape ever since.

What began as two men with an idea to change the way customers interact with their office equipment, CBE has now grown into a multi-location, multi-state corporation garnering accolades from some of the top technology providers in the nation. During our journey, CBE has approached this growth with the same mindset instilled by our founders. Earning trust from our loyal customer is the benchmark by which we approach everything we do.

At the heart of CBE is our people. We know that there are no shortages of technology providers and solution offerings in the marketplace, and we understand you can choose who you want to partner with. Our team of professionals will help cut through the “tech-fog” and build a lasting relationship with your teams that will ensure you get true value from your technology.

Whether you’re considering a fully managed print or copy solution, a cloud solution, managed IT services, a VOIP phone system, or just need some confidence in your network’s security, we are with you every step of the way – without being in your way. Let us share with you what a completely managed office can look like.


CBE provides cutting-edge solutions while remaining true to our core values: fairness, reliability and a commitment to serving our customers. We pride ourselves on helping our clients reduce their operating costs. Our customers have the security of knowing they are backed by our experienced staff and an extensive inventory of top-rated equipment and supplies.


Not having the right printing equipment and supplies for your business drains your resources and wastes countless dollars.